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Exploring the Mediterranean Paradise: Discover the Five Jewels of the Beaches of Alicante

Playa de San Juan
6 Mar

Welcome to Alicante, where the sun kisses the waters of the Mediterranean and the beaches become coastal treasures. On this tourist trip, we will guide you through five exceptional beaches that capture the essence of Alicante's charm. Get ready to immerse yourself in the beauty and serenity of these beach gems!

Playa de San Juan

  • Location: North of the center of Alicante
  • Features: Known for its long stretch of golden sand and crystal clear waters, San Juan Beach is the perfect choice for those looking for a relaxing day in the sun. Modern facilities and a lively atmosphere make this beach an ideal destination for families and sun lovers
  • Access Route: Easily accessible by car or tram from the center of Alicante
  • Additional Activities: Enjoy water sports, such as paddle surfing, and find children's play areas. Explore the avenue lined with restaurants and ice cream parlors offering local delicacies.

Playa del Postiguet

  • Location: At the foot of the Santa Bárbara Castle, in the heart of Alicante
  • Features: This charming urban beach combines the beauty of the sea with the history of the city. Surrounded by the imposing castle and the promenade, Postiguet Beach offers a unique experience with panoramic views and calm waters
  • Access Road: A few steps from the historic center of Alicante
  • Additional Activities: Explore the old town of Alicante after a day of sun. Discover local restaurants serving Mediterranean delicacies and enjoy the lively nightlife in nearby bars.

Cala del Moraig

  • Location: In the picturesque town of Benitachell, north of Alicante
  • Characteristics: Hidden between cliffs and rugged landscapes, Cala del Moraig is a small gem that attracts lovers of nature and tranquility. Turquoise waters and sea caves make this cove a perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle
  • Access Route: Accessible by car from the center of Alicante, through the AP-7 motorway
  • Additional Activities: Explore nearby hiking trails and enjoy lunch at ocean-view restaurants. Perfect for families who want a quiet day

Playa de la Granadella

  • Location: In Jávea, north of Alicante
  • Characteristics: Surrounded by pine trees and cliffs, Granadella Beach is a picturesque corner with crystal clear waters. Ideal for diving and underwater exploration, this beach captivates with its natural beauty and tranquil atmosphere
  • Access Route: Approximately one hour by car from Alicante, on the N-332 road
  • Additional Activities: Discover the hiking trails that surround the beach and enjoy local cuisine in restaurants that offer panoramic views.

Playa de la Albufereta

  • Location: North of Postiguet Beach, in Alicante
  • Features: With shallow waters and local charm, Albufereta Beach is perfect for those looking for a more relaxed atmosphere. Its promenade lined with palm trees invites you to take quiet walks while enjoying the sea breeze
  • Access Route: A few minutes by car or tram from the center of Alicante
  • Additional Activities: Enjoy children's play areas, explore nearby trails, and discover culinary diversity at local restaurants.

These five beaches are just the beginning of the coastal wealth that Alicante has to offer. With each corner you explore, you will discover a different paradise, where the sun, the sea and history intertwine to create a unique experience. Ready to immerse yourself in the charm of Alicante's beaches? !Your coastal adventure awaits you in Alicante!

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